1st Impressions

1st Impressions Ministry serves as the first point of contact as a representative of Jesus Christ who greets people from the outside in and ensures that guests and members experience our vision of moving in “a new direction from the inside out”. Members should have the spiritual gifts of hospitality, service/helps, exhortation, and/or evangelism.
Greeters give visitors and members a feeling of warmth and present a Christian atmosphere as they enter the Sanctuary. Everyone is greeted with the Spirit of Humility and Love.
Parking Lot Ministry is a very important aspect of ministry. The first and last impression of the church can be linked to this ministry. The ministry prides itself in providing the highest level of safety, courtesy and warmth to all guests and members of NDCC.
Ushers help create a warm and welcoming environment in the sanctuary. In addition, the team helps create an orderly environment so that every person has an opportunity to worship free from any major distractions. We routinely distribute welcome cards and other information, assist with offering, and communion.
If you would like to join any of these ministries and can commit to serving two Sunday’s per month, please contact
Chris Jackson for more information (901) 333-6829.

Fillin’ Station Bookstore is located on site in the Power Center to assist members and guests with a host of books, music, NDCC paraphernalia, and novelty gift items that will provide inspiration. Volunteers are needed to provide outstanding customer service and to assist with stocking items. Please contact Waushea Boyce (901) 433-3871 or email

SLS Ministry – Saving Lost Souls

Dr. Spencer founded the Saving Lost Souls (S.L.S) Ministries that aims at finding people who are seeking God and empowering them to know God through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Through S.L.S Ministries, Dr. Spencer seeks to preach, instruct, heal and resurrect people who are in need of a change in their lives through a personal relationship with God. A portion of the proceeds from the book, compact disc and tape sales, as well as the speaking engagements and lectures are earmarked for scholarships awarded by S.L.S Ministries. If you would like to join this ministry, please contact First Lady Rhonda Spencer at (901) 433-6871 or email at

Youth & Children

New D Youth Ministry This ministry has a fun and innovative way to foster spiritual growth in today’s youth in grades 6-12. Contact Jerrod Gunter, or call him at 333-6821.

New D Kidz (Children’s Ministry) is adjacent to the main building and creates experiences that invite children to know God and grow in Him.

  • Early Childhood Our children range from 3 months – Kindergarten. We create an infectious atmosphere that leads children to know Christ and grow in Him. Contact Jerrod Gunter, or call him at 333-6821.
  • Children– This ministry is for children in grades 1-5 and teaches children the fundamentals of who Christ is and His message of love.


Our mission at NDCC is to “empower all people to know God through life changing experiences from the inside out” by “reach the unreached. A primary ways this is fulfilled is by living one of our core values, which is evangelism. Call church office at (901) 433-3871.

  • Feed the Need We are a group of volunteers who are Bible fed and Sprit led to demonstrate that NDCC cares about people who are in need by sharing our material resources with liberality and cheerfulness without thought of return. If you have a caring heart and are a willing worker, we would love for you to become a part of our ministry.
  • Prison Ministry Our focus is on strengthening, encouraging and spreading the good news to people in the criminal justice system. This ministry is the difference between an ex-offender with a brand new life in the Lord and a repeat offender. We all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of Christ Jesus. This is our opportunity to make a difference and to help fulfill our mission to “reach one more for Jesus”. Our vision is to provide support groups, transitional homes, clothes closets and job-readiness programs for those entering the workforce.

Prayer Ministry intercedes on behalf of our members and under girds our congregation in prayer. Members who have the spiritual gifts of prayer, intercession, mercy, or shepherding, please email Arnita Fields, or call her at (901) 333-6810.

Spiritual Training Team acts as the Welcome Committee of NDCC and guides and nurtures NDCC New Members through the process of joining and helping them to connect to the NDCC Family. If you have the spiritual gifts of helps, hospitality, administration, exhortation, intercession, mercy and prayer please contact Brenda Jones or Pam Smith at (901) 333-6806.

  • New Member Reception Team serves by primarily overseeing the new member intake process after each worship service.
  • Education Team facilitates all New Member Classes and Spiritual Gifts Class. If you have gifts of teaching, administration, mercy and helps
  • Baptism Team serves new members who desire to be baptized by teaching the one hour Baptism Class.


Counseling Ministry provides individual, family, couples and group counseling services to members of NDCC. We welcome all members with mental health education or volunteer experience in counseling. Email Arnita Fields.

Marriage Ministry is committed to the development of positive and healthy marital relationships. Offers bible study, pre-marital assessments, counseling and marriage retreats. Please call 333-6878 or email

Creative Arts

Creative Arts Ministry is comprised of actors, singers, writers and dancers who have committed to use their talents for worship during Sunday worship service, TNT and other special events. Our purpose is to use our God-given gifts to effectively express our faith in Christ and to encourage others in their relationship with Him. Join us every Thursday at 6:30pm in the Creative Arts room and let God be Creative through you!

  • Props Ministry – This ministry is comprised of graphic artists, painters, carpenters and stagers who help to create epic worship experiences.
    Contact Keenan Shotwell, or call at (901) 333-6809.

Media Ministry has various areas to serve in both Hickory Hill and Collierville. If you are interested in the following areas, we can train you on Lighting, Pre-Audio/Post-Audio, and Stage Management. We are seeking some experience on Cameras, Graphics, Photography, Videography, and In-house Audio. Come, share, learn, and fellowship with us at our small group training: 1st and 3rd Thursdays at 6:30 pm in the media suite. For more information, please email Arreon Parks, or call him at (901) 333-6823.

Music Ministry As musical disciples our purpose has many aspects including setting the atmosphere for a move of God, inspiring others to experience the presence of the Lord, ministering and bringing comfort to those in need of encouragement, using music as a way of supporting and embracing the overall mission of NDCC, and being examples for others in our ministry and in our lives. If you have the spiritual gift of creative communication and are anointed to sing or play a musical instrument, please contact our Director of Music, Keenan Shotwell at (901) 333-6809 for more information to join one of the areas below: Access Granted Male Chorus, Live & Direct Sanctuary Choir, Women’s Chorus or to become volunteer musician to help support our many outreach ministries within our church.


IT Ministry serves by utilizing their Information Technology experience to assist staff personnel with technical support. If you have at least 3 years experience in IT and interested in joining this team, please email Shamichael Hallman, or call (901) 433-3871.

Medical Ministry

Medical Ministry supports NDCC by utilizing their medical expertise during each worship service as needed. In addition, this ministry sponsors blood drives, onsite health screenings, health seminars. If interested in serving in this ministry, please contact Laurel Tyler or call (901) 433-3871


Sports Ministry’s purpose is to provide an opportunity for fellowship and growth through athletics in a Christian, fun, competitive and safe environment while teaching the fundamentals of each sport, the importance of sportsmanship and developing life skills. The goal is to Reach One More for Jesus through athletics while feeding the spirit and strengthening the body. Please contact Jerrod Gunter or call (901) 333-6821.


Marketing and Communications Ministry reaches one more for Christ by sharing positive and accurate news of our church to the congregation, believers, seekers and the unchurched through promotional advertising, media relations, print and electronic media. If you have a minimum of 3-5 years in Marketing and/or Communications, and would like to join this ministry, please email Shamichael Hallman or call (901) 333-6818.

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