Get Connected

Our February Sermon series is on getting connected! Join us each Sunday as Dr. Spencer shares how and why we should be connected to God, others, and our community.

2 thoughts on “Get Connected

  1. I wanted to thank the New Direction church family for the gracious gift that you extended to my mom and I a few weeks ago when we attended the church-sponsored showing of The Shack. I had not realized that the viewing was a pre-ticket order. When my mom (who is 80) and I showed up without a ticket, the ladies facilitating the event did not turn us away. In fact, they allowed us to purchase the last two tickets available, even though we were not members of the church. In the end, we sat next to a delightful young women and her mother. My mom had a wonderful, inspiring experience — and so did I. Thank you for the kindness and jubilation that your members extended that day. I am deeply grateful that my mom and I witnessed The Shack with such a spirit-filled group. Continued blessings to you and yours.

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